Dacia first electric vehicle is the ‘Spring’ revolution

The Dacia Spring - ready to leap into the electric market.

The Dacia Spring - ready to leap into the electric market.

Dacia says it is ready to start a new chapter in its history with the launch of Dacia Spring.

It is a concept show car that Dacia claims is indicative of its first all-electric model. It boasts the new ‘Spring’ is the affordable electric revolution, and it will be available in 2021.

In just 15 years, Dacia has shaken up the automotive industry with its low-cost, high-value Logan (in the new car market ) and Duster (for SUVs ).

The brand continues to change with the times while staying true to its original values. New models must be simple, modern, reliable, and sturdy vehicles for a fair price.

It is a real success story. With 6.5 million customers, Dacia claims to make it the European leader for private sales, thanks to Logan, Sandero, and Duster.

The Dacia Spring electric show car promises to be in line with Groupe Renault’s vision to provide affordable and sustainable mobility accessible to all, while respecting the values and philosophy of the Dacia brand. The 100 per cent all-electric four seat city car will offer easier access for the greater number of people to its five-door city car that combines simplicity, reliability, and accessibility. Light and compact, the Dacia Spring factory-standard model will have a top range of some 200km in WLTP, guaranteeing versatility for stress free urban and suburban use.

To succeed with this new revolution, Dacia is capitalising on Groupe Renault’s 10-years experience as a pioneer and leader in electric mobility. Dacia says the Spring electric show car is a truly electrifying electric city car that is here to set new trends.

The pastel mouse grey body is enhanced with matte splashes of fluorescent orange, with trim along the wings, roof bars, and lower door panel, extra high clearance, skid plates built into the front and rear bumpers. It adds that its assertive SUV style and compact dimensions makes it the ideal vehicle for everyday use with guaranteed peace of mind.

It points to the special attention that has been paid to the lights. At the front, full-LED headlights have been fitted in two ways: a horizontal strip on the upper section, and six graphic features built into the bumper. On the rear, the four full-LED lights create a ‘double-Y’ effect. These visual effects mark the future of Dacia’s lighting identity.

With its all-electric engine and battery adapted for everyday use, Dacia says the Spring meets the practical needs of urban and suburban mobility. It is a robust vehicle that gives private and fleet car owners the full range of benefits of electric vehicles: ease of driving, silent operation, no vibrations, zero-emissions, etc. Moreover it is simple to charge and takes little maintenance.

Dacia claims the Spring is an ideal solution for new mobility services such as car-sharing fleets. Its standard version will therefore also be offered to this market, in which Groupe Renault has Europe’s largest all-electric car-share fleet - 7,800 ZOE, Kangoo ZE, and Twizy units.


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