Dungeons & Naggins - live on YouTube

Steve Bennett's comedy role-playing games night streams this Thursday at 8pm

Steve Bennett gets ready for another bout of Dungeons & Naggins.

Steve Bennett gets ready for another bout of Dungeons & Naggins.

NORMALLY, A dungeon is not something you want to be trapped in. A dragon is not a creature you ever want to be face to face with, but in this time of Covid-19, they are just the kind of things you might want to escape to!

Dungeons & Naggins, the new comedy, fantasy role-playing game, with booze, based on the classic Dungeons & Dragons, and hosted by comedian Steve Bennett, goes online where it can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own quarantine.

Dungeons & Naggins can be viewed tonight [Thursday April 9] at 8pm via https://www.youtube.com/user/bfdd5 and will feature comedian Danny Ryan and singer-songwriter Steven Sharpe.

So what is involved? Steve thought the original game had too many rules, so he took most of them out and replaced them with drinking. The comedians will embark on a fantasy adventure and viewers will be involved with audience choices and challenges.

To get a taste of what to expect via instagram.com/dungeonsandnaggins See @arcadeelectric for giveaways, polls, prizes, and even special appearances from the Naggin Lord himself.


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