Keep your mind at ease with Evergreen Healthfoods

The human ego loves to be in control and knowing what the outcomes of a situation are likely to be. This means, mentally, we find it very difficult living in periods of uncertainty such as what we are currently experiencing. Along with this, the bombardment of news we are receiving daily can cause a forced state of anxiety and stress.

Keeping our mind at ease is very important during this period. Exercise and mindfulness are key, but Evergreen Healthfoods also has supplements that could be very helpful over the coming weeks.

Theanine is an amino acid derived from protein, it affects alpha brain waves and helps to promote a relaxed state. In particular, this helps if you having trouble sleeping with a racing mind.

Rhodiola is a root herb from Siberia and has an adaptogenic effect on the body. It can increase your body's resistance to stress and help reduce the effects of long-term stress on the body.

B-vitamins can come in capsule, tablet, or liquid form. They help maintain a healthy nervous system and are essential for many processes in the body, especially energy production and support of the nervous system.

Valerian is a root herb which comes in capsules or tincture (liquid ) and can help if a person is struggling to sleep because of stress. It also helps with tension or stress headaches and can aid relaxation.

Avena sativa is a liquid tincture derived from oats and acts as a calmative on the nervous system. This can be nourishing if a person cannot eat due to stress.

Ashwaganda is an ayurvedic Indian herb also known as Indian ginseng. This has as an adaptive effect on the nervous and adrenal systems. It supports mental and physical fatigue, while helping you to remain calm.

Omega 3 fish oils helps to reduce excess cortisol and adrenaline and can help overall mood elevation and stress management.

Evergreen's seven health food stores in Galway city and county remain open. The fully trained staff are ready to help provide you with the essential items you need. Help Evergreen support the health of customers and store teams by practising social distancing while in the shops.


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