Health tips for 2020

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So we are halfway through the new year and it is probable, like everyone else, that you have made some New Year's resolutions and the biggest choice for people when it comes to resolutions is getting themselves in shape.

Yes, gyms are packed with good intentioned 'new year, new bod' wannabes in some very sleek and expensive fitness gear, struggling on the equipment, doing exercises which they saw their favourite instagram fitness 'expert' do. But here at the we provide some tips to help you in obtaining the body you want for 2020.

1 Drink plenty of water

Our first tip is a simple one - stay hydrated. Drinking at least two litres of water a day will benefit your personal health massively. Buy a refillable container, as it will enable you to drink more water as well as saving money and cutting down on plastic bottles.

2 Try to avoid eating fatty foods

Yes, they can taste so good but are truly awful for your waistline, plus there is very little nutritional value in takeaway foods. Rather than go cold turkey, allow yourself a cheat day per week so you can satisfy your cravings.

3 Cut down on alcohol

Dry January is a good challenge to take on as alcohol is one of the leading causes of weight gain as beer is full of calories. Remember when drinking booze your brain tends to make poor food decisions, ie fatty foods, so you are essentially pigging backing your calorie intake.

4 Stop smoking

Obviously this tip is for some people but smoking can really impede your performance in the gym as it limits your lungs to operate at full capacity, therefore limiting you in really producing a top workout.

5 Try to avoid stress

Lifestyles in 2020 are full of stress so this can be very difficult tip to follow. However, making simple changes like getting to bed earlier can really boost your energy levels and mood while decreasing your stress.

So there you have it. A few tips on how to stay on the fitness wagon for 2020.

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