‘Tis the season for immune wellbeing

The run up to the holidays can be rushed and action packed, putting a strain on both our energy levels and our immune defences. Here are some tips from Evergreen to help you stay well and energized this time of year.

When we think of immune health, we now know it goes hand in hand with our gut’s wellbeing. A happy tummy is one with lots of good bacteria, so top this up whenever you can with beneficial fermented foods. This time of year we can be especially fond of rich and delicious meals, so why not help your gut by taking a micro-bacteria supplement? Bio-Kult has a range to suit all ages, and also has products aimed at associated complaints, such as the Pro-Cyan – perfect for those prone to cystitis in the cold weather. The sunshine vitamin, D3, should not be overlooked either when it comes to immune defences – we struggle to make any at all this time of year, and the yield from foods is a fraction of our needs, so considering supplementing this.

Sufficient good quality sleep is also important for immune function, including processes such as the release and action of cytokines. It can be difficult to settle at the best of times, never mind when our minds are busy tossing gift ideas, financial concerns, or triple checking dinner plans. Magnesium is an excellent choice to aid sleep, as it works as a muscle relaxant. MAG365 in particular is ideal for the wintery evenings after the long haul around the shops – it is prepared as a hot drink and comes in a neutral, zingy lemon, or sweet passionfruit flavour.

Even with good sleep, energy levels can deplete quickly, and relying on caffeine for support is not good in the long term and can even have a negative effect on our defences. Opt instead for a proper booster such as Revive Active – just one fruity sachet mixed with juice or water can work wonders, topping us up with quality B vitamins and CoQ10 to help our bodies stay alert and ready to tackle the tasks of the season.

If you find yourself struggling with the silly season already, or just want to prepare your body for what lies ahead, talk to the fully trained staff at any of Evergreen's stores, or see Evergreen.ie


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