Galway singers release new singles

Eoin Dolan, Bob Bound, and Partland

Eoin Dolan, Bob Bound, and Partland.

Eoin Dolan, Bob Bound, and Partland.

THREE GALWAY singer-songwriters - Eoin Dolan, Bob Bound, and Partland - release new singles this weekend: 'Commander of Sapiens', 'State Of Desire', and 'Afraid Of The Dark'.

'Commander of Sapiens' is the taster for Eoin Dolan's third album, out November 22, of the same title. The song explores the idea of people abandoning their online selves for a life of inner peace. The album will have themes of environmental destruction, mass consumerism, and human cybernetics, via Dolan's distinctive melancholic sci-fi/surf pop. It will be released via Citóg Records.

Headford born, London based, Irish producer Bob Bound releases his debut single 'State Of Desire' today, via Dressing Up Records. The sing is about "those conversations lovers have, conversations to suss out it if your partner is as up for it as you are," says Bob. "An expression of those carnal desires and needs that can feel slightly beyond your control, a key part of the human experience that we can all relate to."

Partland has released a Halloween themed single with 'Afraid of the Dark'. It is the second single from the album The Empty Atlantic. It is accompanied by a stop motion video.


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