Alleviating neck and shoulder pain by professional manipulation and acupuncture

Neck and shoulder pains are common complaints. Some people experience only neck pain or only shoulder pain, while others experience pain in both areas. Other associated symptoms can be headaches, numbness, tingling, poor sleep patterns, or more severe symptoms such as anxiety or depression.

Symptoms vary from person to person. While some lead relatively normal lives, others are unable to work and limited in their capabilities, which can particularly disrupt their quality of life.

Neck pain can be caused by spinal problems. Muscular tightness in both the neck and upper back, pinching of the nerves emanating from the cervical vertebrae, or cervical joint disruption can create pain. It may arise due to car accidents, such as whiplash, sporting events, and day to day minor injuries. Neck pain may also arise from many other physical and emotional health problems.

The shoulder joint is susceptible to injury. While underlying causes still remain unclear, such as frozen shoulder, shoulder pain can stem from different causes such as occupational overexertion and overuse, pinched nerves, degeneration, and injury.

Treatment of neck and shoulder pain depends on the cause. The vast majority of people can be treated conservatively. Traditional Chinese medical acupuncture and manipulation (meridian acupressure ) could be one of the optional treatments, which could be of benefit in reducing the doses of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs/painkillers, or even avoiding medication or surgery.

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