How can hyperbaric oxygen therapy at OxyGeneration help your Lyme disease?

For people suffering from Lyme disease, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.

The most common treatments are antibiotics and herbal protocols but outside of that physicians will often include hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT ) as an adjunct treatment to help patients fight off Lyme disease. The theory behind HBOT is that the tissues of the body cannot perform properly without oxygen and in some illnesses, oxygen is not able to reach where it needs to go.

At OxyGeneration, clients will breathe oxygen in a pressurised chamber for 60 minutes. The pressure of the chamber assists the lungs in acquiring more oxygen than is possible with normal breathing, which is then carried by the blood to the tissues reaching areas it would not usually get to.

The bacterium that causes Lyme disease is known as anaerobic, which simply means that it is bacteria that cannot exist in oxygen. In Lyme disease, HBOT is used to increase oxygen to the body in order to kill off anaerobic bacteria. One of the primary benefits of HBOT is that it is non-invasive and painless and so the process safely increases oxygen levels within the body which can ultimately cause a reduction of harmful bacteria.

Lyme disease sufferers have reported a significant improvement in their symptoms following HBOT, as the harmful bacteria dies, with 70 per cent of users showing lasting benefits. HBOT also has the capacity to increase immune function and repair damaged tissues.

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