End of summer brings on the autumn blues

Are you feeling a lingering sadness that summer has passed? Five element Chinese medicine divides the seasons into five elements of nature — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Autumn is the metal element and the associated organs of this season are the lungs and colon. These energetic organs and meridians need to be boosted with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Are you fed up with a cold/sinus problem or a digestive/colon problem? If so your metal element needs boosting and it is important to get acupuncture.

On a mental/emotional level autumn is a time of harvesting the seeds we have sown in the springtime — new ideas, projects, hopes. It also can be a time of reminiscience as we think of loved ones who have passed, missed opportunities, or it can be a mixture of emotions..

Combination therapy can help us with this transition — acupuncture, kinesiology, Chinese herbs, Bach Flower Essences — so we can balance our energy to the current season. As the seasons happen without, so they happen within us simultanously. We are very much part of nature. It is important to get our energy balance on the physical, mental, and emotional level every change of season.

Weather factors, trauma, and improper diet can cause imbalances on the physical level. On the mental and emotional level, stress, anxiety, trauma, grief, and transition can upset our energy flow and cause various health problems.

Acupuncture strengthens the immune system and is a powerful energy booster, relieves pain, and treats many specific health problems.

It is effective in treating anxiety, stress, sinusitis, coughs and colds, back pain, digestive problems, depression, menopausal problems, fertility challenges, and more. Kinesiology can be combined with acupuncture for the combined therapeutic effects. For more information see www.healthandwellbeing.ie, or contact Nora Keane, RGN, licenciate acupuncture and kinesiology by phone or text at 086 8549493.


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