How a vascular assessment of your feet can save your life

Your foot health reflects your heart health, and as the feet are the furthest from the heart, vascular health is extremely important.

At Galway Podiatry Clinic, 34 Upper Abbeygate Street, podiatrists Maureen and Roisin have experience and postgraduate qualifications in neurological and vascular assessment of the feet. After a detailed history, they objectively assess the arterial and venous supply of the foot and leg using a MESI device and a Doppler to record the blood flow of both upper and lower limb. The neurological assessment examines the sensory nervous system and the nerve fibres in the feet. These determine if there is reduced sensation or blood flow or any blockages in your feet or legs.

All these procedures are painless and non-invasive, and results of your vascular assessment can be provided to your GP at your request.

Reduced blood supply to your feet can cause delayed wound healing, cramping in your legs when walking, and increased risk of infection in skin and toenails. Damaged nerves in your feet can cause numbness, tingling, and often burning pain in your feet, dry skin and cracked heels, changes in your foot shape, loss of protective padding on the sole of your feet, and toe deformities.

Get your blood supply and protective sensation assessed by a podiatrist. Galway Podiatry Clinic is offering 20 per cent off, including printed results of your vascular supply, for the month of October. Phone 091 564417 to make an appointment.



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