A trip to Spain via ConTempo

Quartet to perform Arriaga’s String Quartet No 1 and Turina’s La Oracion del Toreo



THE CONNECTIONS between Spain and Galway go back to late mediaeval and Renaissance times, and remain acknowledged in the Spanish Arch and Spanish Parade in the city.

That connection will be celebrated at the next From Europe With Love concert, ConTempo's exploration of the string quartet repertoire from each of the remaining EU 27 member states. It takes place in St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church on Tuesday October 1 at 1.10pm.

ConTempo will perform Arriaga’s String Quartet No 1, written when the composer was just 16, and is distinctly Spanish in flavour; and Turina’s La Oracion del Toreo (The bullfighter’s prayer ), inspired when the composer seeing a bullfighter praying in a chapel near the ring before going out to fight.

The Port of Galway is the title sponsor of From Europe with Love. Admission is free, open to all, and early arrival is recommended. See www.thegalwaymusicresidency.ie


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