Daniele Di Bonaventura - Galway jazz fest debut

Leading Italian musician to perform songs of rebellion and resistance

Daniele Di Bonaventura and Band'Unión. Photo:- Roberto Cifarelli

Daniele Di Bonaventura and Band'Unión. Photo:- Roberto Cifarelli

THE BANDONEON is a type of concertina that is also an essential instrument in tango ensembles. While the instrument is most popular in Argentina and Uruguay, one of its greatest masters is Italian.

Daniele Di Bonaventura, and his band, Band'Unión - Felice Del Gaudio (bass ), Marcello Peghin (10-string guitar ), Alfredo Laviano (percussion ) - make their Galway debut on Sunday October 6 at 5.30pm at Loam Restaurant, as part of the Galway Jazz Festival.

Di Bonaventura is capable not only of the driving passion of tango but also of gentle seduction which can charm the listener like an intimate love poem. The Galway show will feature material from his latest album, Garofani Rossi (Red Carnation ), a collection of international songs of rebellion and resistance, which originated from performances of the Italian anti-fascist anthem 'Bella Ciao'.

At age eight, Di Bonaventura was studying cello, piano, composition, and orchestral conducting. Later he became attracted to improvisation and moved into jazz, tango, theatre, world music, dance, and film. He has since recorded more than 50 albums, played major international jazz festivals, and performed with Paolo Fresu, Stefano Bollani, Enrico Rava, David Liebman, and Toots Tielemans.

Tickets are available from www.galwayjazz.ie



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