Speech and drama training — the key to natural self confidence

Speech and drama classes are rooted in encouraging students to develop a love of literature, poetry, and drama, and improving their standard of communication through the spoken word. The Garvey School of Speech and Drama works at developing students' self-confidence and a broad range of essential life skills that will support them in the future.

Exams (through accredited examining bodies ) are designed to recognise and reward the endeavours of each individual and to nurture and empower him/her to achieve his/her individual potential.

Developing the correct techniques, which enable students to have their best speaking voice, is key to many life skills.

The speaking verse and prose assists students to explore literature in an engaging and practical way and to develop solid communication skills.

Students will learn to recognise how to use their voices in a variety of ways to provoke different reactions. Equally important is memorising well selected pieces of poetry, prose, and dramatic scenes. Drama classes help to develop key life skills such as understanding and empathy. They promote creative thinking while allowing students to acquire memory skills, spatial awareness, vocal confidence, and physical presence.

Public speaking is an integral part of 21st century life, whether speaking in front of a small group of colleagues or a large conference. Most people in any walk of life are at some point required to make a presentation or give a talk.

Garvey School works on building communication, conversation, and listening skills; encouraging students to think on their feet and to structure a considered argument under time constraints. This develops great confidence in understanding presentation of ideas and arguments, all of which will stand a child in good stead in the national curriculum, in the workplace, and in all areas of life.

The Garvey School of Speech and Drama, located at St Enda's School, Dr Mannix Road, Salthill, is one of the longest established in Galway providing approved courses in speech and drama and is a centre of excellence where students have been successful in progressing to the top drama colleges including LAMDA, RADA, The Gaiety School, Bowe Street, Lir Academy, and Trinity College Dublin.

The principal Ailbhe Garvey-Hughes adjudicates many of the major drama festivals and feiseanna throughout Ireland and overseas. She is a former Druid actress, a senior examiner for approved boards including the Royal Irish Academy, a member of the Association of Drama Adjudicators, and a member of the Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama in Ireland, Britain, and overseas.

Classes resume on the week beginning Monday September 16.

For bookings phone 087 2832091/091 797183 or email [email protected].


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