Islam and Christianity — exploring new horizons of faith

In today’s post-modern, interdependent world where Muslims and Christians are increasingly living and working side-by-side there is a greater need to understand the faith of the religious other better, while avoiding misperceptions and confusion. This is necessary so that Muslims and Christians can appreciate the commitment each makes to serve God in a manner in which their conscience dictates, without diminution of their own faith and its role in God’s universal design.

Therefore, it is necessary for Christians and Muslims to take sincere steps towards each other with a view of serving God by serving humanity, not as adversaries with conflicting truth claims, but as fellow believers, united in faith, seeking answers to the theological questions that divide us, leaving to God those differences we cannot reconcile. Through this interaction one might hope that each may learn from and be transformed by the experience and knowledge of the other.

To these ends, Dr Richard Kimball (The Religious Society of Friends ) and Dr Ali Selim (Islamic Cultural Centre Ireland ) have designed an evening course for both Muslims and Christians interested in learning more about their own religious tradition in dialogue with the faith of the religious other in order to help create greater personal understanding and a more harmonious society. The course will take place over 14 weeks.

For more information contact Dr Richard Kimball on 087 23 75 789 or email [email protected].



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