Tips to stay healthy this autumn

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It is fair to say that weather wise, August 2019 will not be remembered fondly. Rain, rain, and more rain seems to be the only forecast for the month and it seems September will not be getting any better.

The daily occurrence of being soaked while the wind howls is no doubt no good for our immune systems, and it is probable that you have noticed a cough from yourself or your colleagues. Here at we provide some top tips to stay healthy this autumn.

1. Multivitamin boost

No matter how hard we try, it is impossible to achieve the perfect diet. There will always be gaps and that is where multivitamins come in to help. It is likely as the temperatures drops, our food intake will become heavier and we will probably miss out on important vitamins and nutrients that are needed to keep an immune system in tip top shape. Also, with the lack of sunlight, vitamin D being production in our bodies will steadily decrease. Pick up a packet of multivitamins at your local pharmacy.

2. Exercise

When it is bright in the mornings and long into the evenings, it is easy to get outside and exercise. However, as daylight hours decrease by the day, the motivation to keep your body moving also fades. Change your exercise plan by working out indoors and exercise early. Exercising first thing in the morning activates your metabolism and brightens your mood for the rest of the day.

3. Get a check-up

Now, none of us likes going to the GP but getting a check-up in September is an ideal time to make sure your body is in working order, as it is before the winter weather begins. Did you know more heart health concerns are discovered during cold months than any other time of year? That is because cold weather may affect circulation and make your heart work harder - see link

So there you have it. Three tips to stay healthy this autumn.

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