Making coffee into an artwork

Mateja Šmic at the Engage Art Studios gallery, Salthill

Synthesis1 by Mateja Smic.

Synthesis1 by Mateja Smic.

MOST PEOPLE enjoy drinking a cup of coffee. Some people go a bit far and declare that it is not a beverage, but an experience. Then there is Croatian artist Mateja Šmic.

For Mateja, coffee is a medium through which she can create art. Based in Dublin, her artistic practice sees her working with coffee, gelatin, and other often non-traditional materials, chosen by principles of association with her subject matter. Indeed, coffee will be one of the materials that will make up works in her latest exhibition, Aesthetics of a Split Subject, which is running in the Engage Art Studios gallery, Salthill.

Mateja Smic

'Deconstruction Of A Mountain' by Mateja Šmic.

Mateja's subjects range from geopolitics to national identity. Through printmaking, digital collage, video, animation, and installations, she addresses philosophical and psychological questions around experience, the phenomenon of 'Othering' (to view or treat a person or group as intrinsically different from and alien to oneself ), and tensions between the real subject and its mediated representations.

The exhibition runs until September 14. Admission is free and all are welcome.


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