Stories, drawings, and recycling

Mary Ryan, Vincent Godfrey-Glynn and Patricia Fahy, and Trish Bourke at The Portershed

A detail from a painting from Tale of Lost Love by Patricia Fahy.

A detail from a painting from Tale of Lost Love by Patricia Fahy.

FACETS, AN exhibition featuring work by Athenry based artists Mary Ryan, Vincent Godfrey-Glynn and Patricia Fahy, and the writer Trish Bourke, is running at The Portershed.

The exhibition features Ryan's ‘Detritus’ a series of 3D installations inspired by issues over recyclable and non-recyclable materials. "This installation of glass domes and vessels with plastics is a collection of items that are non-recyclable or might be dangerous to wildlife, either when discarded in the environment or even in landfill," said Ryan.

"The use of the domes is deliberately ironic. They are associated with the Victorian fashion for preserving the works of the taxidermist, like rare or beautiful birds or other creatures. We do not need to preserve our plastics in this way. We can’t get rid of them! There is recycling, but many plastic items don’t get recycled due to their size or the economics of the recycling industry."

‘Dynamics’ by Godfrey-Glynn, is a series of drawings exploring the notion of time, energy, and space. "Elements such as line, plane, form, etc, can be perceived as unique and dynamic entities which possess their own visual properties," said the artist. "By using these elements, on their own or in combinations I explore their relationship to each other and the surface/space they occupy."

‘A Tale of Lost Love’ is a collaboration between Athenry-based writer Trish Bourke, and fine artist Patricia Fahy. The collection is made up of a set of eight miniature paintings which serve as illustrations for Trish’s story ‘A Tale of Lost Love’, and which were inspired by Indian Mughal Art from the 15th century, involving gold paint, multiple borders, and a colour palette similar to that used by the royal court artists of that era.

The exhibition runs until August 10 at The Portershed (located at the rear of the Meyrick Hotel ), Eyre Square. Opening times are Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm.



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