Waste not want not

We are programmed to just buy and not even think about what it is that we are buying. A new grocery experience here in Galway is aiming to change all that, and a visit to The Filling Station on Abbeygate Street certainly is a bit of an eye opener. The concept is simple — the store offers you the opportunity to significantly decrease your consumption of single use plastics by bringing your own container or bag. The shop has a range of foodstuffs and household products — just go in, fill, weigh, and pay.

After a slow start, the zero waste movement is growing quickly in Ireland with more and more consumers saying “no” to packaging. They bring their own empty containers and leave the shop, having filled up with the goods they need. Owner John Tedders is one of the many grocers around the country tapping into, and facilitating, the idea that a consumer can shop without incurring any waste.

Products include dry pantry foods such as cereal, pasta, rice, lentils, flour, fruit, sugar, herbs, and spices. Other available goods include oils, vinegars, organic eggs, bread, tea, and chocolate. Household products are also be on sale including laundry detergents, cleaning products, dishwashing tablets and liquids, and utensils, plus personal products such as toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soaps, natural skincare products, and sunscreen. Other products include nappies, wipes, reusable coffee cups, water bottles, bamboo crockery, lunchboxes, flasks and candles. There are also reusable store bags, bottles, and jars for purchase.

No more shampoo bottles, cling film, or tin foil. Keep cups, stainless steel straws and lunch boxes, bamboo toothbrushes, homemade deodorants, and cleaning products are the way to go. For more information and to request products, find The Filling Station Galway on Facebook.



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