Look after your mental health with Miriam Lynch bio-energy therapy

Mental health is key to being healthy in today’s world. While nutrition and exercise are vital for our mental health, but we also need to look at our electrical energy system. Feeling down and depressed means there is a blockage somewhere in the body’s energy system.

Miriam Lynch is a bio-energy therapy and corrective sound therapy practitioner based in Knocknacarra, Galway. She uses bio-energy therapy to treat many different ailments, and has had great success treating depression, anxiety, and stress. As a therapist Miriam Lynch works to release blockages that have built up within and around the body. With the blockages removed the life energy is able to flow again throughout the body, allowing the body to heal itself.

A bio-energy treatment is carried out in 45 minute sessions over four consecutive days in a private and relaxed environment using a background of specially chosen music.

“I cannot recall any incidence of having lapsed into the feelings of helplessness and disinterest that besieged me before," said a regular client. "The negativity seems to have left me. For my new lease of life I can only thank Miriam and bio-energy therapy. Without it I might have had to go on medication.”

For an appointment with Miriam Lynch call 086 809 4362 or email [email protected].


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