When social media takes a toll on a relationship

Galway theatre company to explore social media's not always positive impact on human relationships

Photos:- Piotr Lyszkiewicz

Photos:- Piotr Lyszkiewicz

SOCIAL MEDIA can be about connection and interaction. It can also be a massive distraction, causing people too ignore the world around them, and neglect those closest to them.

This theme is explored in Vlogger, the new multimedia production from Galway theatre company, Eva's Echo. Written by Rena Bryson, it will be performed in the Town Hall Theatre studio, this Thursday [June 20], Friday, and Saturday at 8.30pm.

Mia, a vlogger, and her girlfriend Sandra, face a crisis. Mia’s fixation on social media is negatively affecting her relationship with Sandra, who is becoming frustrated with Mia’s compulsion to document and share every aspect of their lives online. Things eventually escalate to where both must face consequences that will affect the rest of their lives.


Vlogger explores the effects of social media on mental health and relationships, and showcases issues irrelevant to LGBT+ lives. The director is Hazel Doolan. The cast is Rena Bryson, Leona De Búrca, and Conor O'Dwyer. Piotr Lyszkiewicz is the production videographer. Set and costume design is by Deirdre Bolger and lighting design is by Cornelius Dwyer.

Tickets are from the Town Hall (091 - 569777, www.tht.ie ). See also evasecho.com/vlogger


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