Restless leg syndrome, also known as Willis-Ekbom Disease, can cause an unpleasant sensation in the legs with the irresistible urge to move them.

The symptoms can be mild or severe. When severe, it can nearly affect all aspects of a person’s life leading to anxiety and depression, or could worsen an existing condition.

People suffering from RLS find it hard to explain the sensation in their legs. They describe it as being a throbbing/itching/creeping/crawling/pulling sensation. These symptoms usually affect only one side but sometimes both sides can be affected, leading to tossing and turning in bed, constantly moving the legs while sitting or pacing the floor. Symptoms are usually worse at night.

Some causes:

1. People suffering from Parkinson’s have a higher chance of developing RLS pointing towards some involvement of the basal ganglia of the brain

2. Iron deficiency

3. Smoking (nicotine )

4. Coffee and tea (caffeine )

5. Alcohol

6. Certain medications such as some anti-histamines, some anti-depressants and some anti-psychotic medication

7. Pregnancy, often the last trimester

8. Neuropathy or nerve damage

9. Sleep deprivation and sleep apnoea

10. It is also common in people in the end stage of kidney disease especially on haemodialysis

In Dr Bhatti’s clinic he uses a multi-pronged approach in treating this and many other conditions with evidence-based therapies such as Micro-immunotherapy, Physiological Regulating Medicine (P.R.M ), Gut Health and Microbiome restoration, Nutritional and Nutraceutical therapies, Lifestyle Medicine, Natural Hormonal Balancing, Glandular support, Soft tissue and joint support, Complex Homeopathy, Herbals, and Needle-free Medical Acupuncture, Therapeutic Mindfulness and CBT techniques to achieve excellent results.

Micro-immunotherapy medicines contain high dilutions of interleukins, growth factors and specific nucleic acids (SNA ) for the support of the immune system by restoring balance leading to a positive effect on the person’s overall health and defences. It can be successfully used in this or any other inflammatory diseases which are the consequence of imbalance in our immune system. The main object is to restore and correct the functioning of our immune system.

Micro-immunotherapy seeks to regulate the immune response and optimally modulate the inflammation and contributes to correcting the function of the bowel. It can be used alongside conventional medicine as a supportive therapy.

There are international doctors’ associations committed to Micro-immunotherapy training for healthcare professionals. With the help of Serology and other blood tests, the progress of Micro-immunotherapy treatment can be monitored.

Dr Bhatti is the first doctor to practise Micro-immunotherapy in Ireland.

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