The Triskel Centre 22 Lenaboy Gds, is where you get the gentle sea breeze of Salthill to heal all your wounds and get you back up on the tide of Life.

Rita Mc Gowan is a Holistic Therapist there with a wide range of treatments to treat mind body and soul.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage. Foot massage, helps to alleviate a built up of fluid or swelling in the tissue due to failure of the Lymph Drainage in the nodes. Doctors are amazed at the great results.

Manual Lymph Drainage. Body massage, having the same results as above but working the whole body.

Deluxe Facial Treatment. Ultra Calming. If your skin is looking tired and in need of a pick me up, then this super soothing treatment is for you.

Reiki. Helps relieve emotional pain from mind and body, Good for aches in the joints also.

Indian Head Massage. Takes all the tension out of your neck and shoulders after long days sitting at your computer desk. Movement is freedom.

Rita’s aim is to help people alleviate symptoms of stress and tension in the body and mind, in a tranquil peaceful setting where confidentiality hope and understanding is key to a successful outcome for the client.

Feel free to call Rita for more information or make a booking on 0863822608 email [email protected] always here to help.

Rita is a member of the NRRI

Aviva, Laya VHI Irish Life may cover the cost of your treatment depending on your Health Insurance cover.



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