The most common complication of Shingles is pain, also known as Post Herpetic Neuralgia (PHN ) and is due to damage to the skin and nerves after the acute stage of this disease.

Shingles is the result of the reactivation of the Chicken Pox virus in the body, affecting nerves, the reasons aren’t fully understood.

The pain of Shingles or PHN can vary in severity from mild to severe. It can be described from sharp stabbing to burning and constant and sometimes unbearable. The area involved can be sensitive and tender to touch. It can affect the whole social and home life, sometimes leading to depression.

The affected area can suffer from tingling numbness and itching. In some cases, shingles can occur without a rash, called internal shingles. In rare cases, it can

spread to internal organs causing other complications. You should always consult your GP if you suspect you may have Shingles.

Studies have shown that Micro-immunotherapy can help lessen the pain and offer relief in PHN.

Micro-immunotherapy medicines contain high dilutions of interleukins, growth factors and specific nucleic acids (SNA ) for the support of the immune system by restoring balance leading to a positive effect on the person’s overall health and defences. It can be successfully used in this or any other inflammatory diseases which are the consequence of an imbalance in our immune system. The main objective is to restore and correct the functioning of our immune system.

Micro-immunotherapy seeks to regulate the immune response and optimally modulate the inflammation and contributes to correcting the function of the bowel. It can be used alongside conventional medicine as a supportive therapy.

Dr Bhatti is the first doctor to practise Micro-immunotherapy in Ireland.

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