EP review: Body Type

Body Type - EP2 (Partisan Records/Inertia)

Body Type.

Body Type.

THEY CALL themselves the "trash can girl band", giving the impression of a raw and raucous garage rock, but Body Type are a far more considered prospect than their self-description indicates.

Their sound is guitar driven, but instead it chimes and echoes in the manner of dream pop and post-punk, and with a melancholy melodicism recalling late 1980s and early 1990s indie. Indeed Body Type - Georgia Wilkinson-Derums, Annabel Blackman, Sophie McComish, and Cecil Coleman - would fit in well with such contemporaries as Pale Honey, Hinds, Japanese Breakfast, or Our Girl.

This five track EP shows the potential this Sydney band possesses. They have a strong grasp of arrangement, atmosphere, and structure, as well as a genuine indie-rock sensibility, but the key track, the reason they could be ones to watch, is 'Insomnia', which draws all these aspects together into a hypnotic psychedelia, infused with an undercurrent of sexual desire - unusual in this type of music - and boasting a chorus which stands with any of the best in the indie genre.

'UMA' comes close to that standard through a quiet/loud dynamic, matching languidness with a tough undercurrent, guitars alternating between chimes and growls, and a feminist message of women connecting, becoming outspoken, and empowering each other.


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