Ruby Wax, the monk, and the neuroscientist

RUBY WAX is well known as a comedian and actor, while in more recent years she has become a prominent mental health campaigner and lecturer, and she will be drawing on all aspects of her formidable talent in her latest show.

Ruby Wax is bringing How To Be Human to the Town Hall Theatre on Tuesday April 30 at 8pm, where she will be joined by Gelong Thubten, a monk, and Ash Ranpura, a neuroscientist.

We cannot stop the future from arriving, but what sort of future awaits us? Is it one dominated by AI? Will humans merge with machines? Yet, even if nearly every part of us were to become robotic, we will still have our minds - mechanical fingers crossed. Hopefully we will use them for things like compassion, instead of just chasing what’s ‘better’.

If we can do that, as Ruby will argue in this show, then we are on the Yellow Brick Road to happiness. Meanwhile Gelong Thubten will explain how the mind works, while Ash Ranpura will explain how everything that makes us ‘us’ can be found in the brain.

Tickets are €25 from the Town Hall (091 - 569777, ).


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