Grow your own greens

If you would love to grow your own vegetables but feel that keeping a vegetable patch would be too difficult, a Galway company has a range of ideas which allow people to grow their own fruit and veg with the minimum of fuss.

Green Touch Plants specialises in the supply of interior plants and stylish pots that range from bright bold colours to dramatic textures and designs. With the increase in demand for fresh homegrown veg, the company has branched out to provide a range of raised beds and pots for growing vegetables, herbs, and fruit. These systems are the ideal way for novice gardeners, children, and experienced gardeners to produce delicious homegrown vegetables. Green Touch can also provide advice to help get you started with the vegetable garden you have always wanted but never had the time or patience to try until now.

The company’s vegetable pots and raised beds are available from its unit in Westside Business Park, behind Westside Shopping Centre. You can buy your raised beds in flat packs, or Green Touch can deliver and install the beds along with high quality topsoil, a vital ingredient in the production of healthy strong vegetables. The company can also offer advice on the best location to place your vegetable pot or raised bed and the best and most suitable varieties of veg, herbs, and fruit to grow. The vegetable pots are 70cm tall so can be tended while standing.

The vegetable season has begun and now is the best time to start your vegetable garden. For more information contact Green Touch Plants at (091 ) 583249/(086 ) 2070550.



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