Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are the perfect complement to natural and artificial lights in a home and a skilfully picked up mirror can refresh even the most boring interior, giving to it a special, unique, style. It can be an imperceptible detail, and can set the fashion for the whole interior. The mirror is able to generate various spatial and light illusions, to hide lacks of the lay-out and to do many other things.

Mirrors are magical when it comes to interior design. Yes, mirrors are great for fixing up your hair, but mirrors can also give a room an illusion of depth as well as make up beautiful wall decor. Mirrors do not just belong in the bathroom and bedroom. Mirrors can be excellent additions to any space, especially smaller spaces. The way in which mirrors reflect light and the rest of the room can really give your room a larger feel to it. And there are so many interesting mirrors out there with beautiful and unique frames that you are sure to find some to match your current home decor.

Today a mirror is not only a high-grade detail of the furniture, but it is also an original design tool. If you hang a mirror opposite the window, the room will get an additional illumination that is important for small dark premises.

New ideas for your mirrors

Instead of tiling below your bath, try to have a mirror covering the entire area.

Try mixing loads of mirrors of different shapes and sizes in a living room or dining room instead of using artwork. Original shapes and combinations can elegantly replace a piece of art and bring a lot of light especially in darker rooms.

A wall covered with mirrors from floor to ceiling or using all the width of your room can create the illusion that your room is twice as big, or that there is an extension to the room.

Mirror fashion

The frame is the most important part in a mirror which allows it to be a stylish ornament. Today’s trends are for mirrors with natural wood frames (beech, bleached oak, nut ), painted in various colours or covered by a transparent varnish, copper and brass, made in the style of an olden time. The Collection in Galway has one of the best selection of mirrors for your home, check out this regency mirror, or this mirror with mirror frame, from the huge range. The most important is that the mirror frame should follow the style of your house: somewhere it may be evident, allocating a mirror; somewhere it should be hardly noticeable and ascetic.

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