#L’ORIENT In Francis's Soap Shop you will find a unique range of cosmetics designed for our beloved children!

#L’ORIENT In Francis's Soap Shop you will find a unique range of cosmetics designed for our beloved children. Sweet Moments L'ORIENT takes care of your #child'skin, both during washing and #skincare. This unique children’s range contains the highest quality ingredients, obtained only from organic crops. Using cosmetics from our range, you guarantee your #children pleasant, gentle and above all safe at every step hygiene and care, from the moment of birth. In addition, you'll take care of the environment in which children will grow up! Why Sweet Moments L'ORIENT is the best choice for your child?

1. The cosmetics do not contain #artificialpreservatives and additives

2. You will not find alcohol in their composition

3. The composition also does not contain substances of animal origin, paraffin, petrolatum and other substances of chemical or synthetic origin

4. Only natural foaming agents from potatoes, maize or coconut

5. Dermatologically and microbiologically tested – do not contain GMO and their derivatives!

6.Thanks to use of resources from ecological farms (ICEA-AIAB certificate – Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute, Italian Association for Organic Agriculture’s certification.

Sweet Moments L'ORIENT is simply the best of Mother Nature for your child!

What is the Sweet Moments L'ORIENT range for your child? • 3in1 –#Shampoo, #bubblebath, #soap (0+ ) with rice starch, organic olive oil, sweet almonds and vitamin E – a wonderful combination of ingredients, guaranteeing children bath time without tears! A most gentle washing liquid with triple action, in practical packaging with a dispenser, ideally suited to washing after each nappy change. It prevents irritation and rashes and it will leave your baby's skin hydrated and nourished. • Body cream (0+ ) with organic #oliveoil, #jojobaoil, camomile water and #sheabutter - irreplaceable in the care of the soft, delicate and sensitive skin of every child! • Essential oil for mother and baby (0+ ) with organic olive oil, oil from Indian lilac and sweet almonds – its light consistency and natural composition, will provide the skin of the mother and baby with perfect hydration. What's important – it absorbs quickly and completely!

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