Lose Fat Around the Middle workshop

Would you like to be in better shape ahead of summer? Do you find yourself frustrated by feeling short on time but full of good intentions? Well then ditch the diet and learn a healthier way of eating with Glenville Nutrition which will support your energy, mood, and help you get your waist back, for good.

The ever-popular Lose Fat Around the Middle healthy eating, inch and weight loss course is now enrolling for a one day workshop in the Connacht Hotel on Saturday March 30.

This one day course is not simply about losing extra inches, it is about making small lifestyle changes, step by step. Guided by experienced nutritionist Sorcha Molloy, it will help improve your understanding of diet and health, while the balanced meal plans and recipes are full of delicious, quick and easy dishes suitable for the whole family.

The focus is on helping you get in shape and develop long-term healthy eating patterns. On the day with gentle guidance you will learn how to safely exercise for accelerated fat burning. You can expect personalised one to one dietary and exercise advice, support and practical tips on what and how to eat, making healthier food choices, the best portion sizes, meal planning, also exercise, mindful eating, and stress management.

Incorporating these changes so that they become part of your daily life means that you will continue to achieve and maintain your weight goals, long after the workshop has finished.

This Lose fat Around the Middle One Day Workshop is being held in the Connacht Hotel on Saturday March 30 from 10am to 5pm. For more details or to register your place visit www.glenvillenutrition.com or call 091 726344.


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