Trust Your Gut

Trust Your Gut is a Kundalini yoga workshop.

The idea of Trust You Gut is simple — the programme is designed to help you slow down, listen to your body's wisdom, and trust that you know what your body needs. The aim is to bring you back into your natural rhythm so that you can flow with life’s challenges instead of exhausting yourself by swimming against the tide.

Toxins seems to be a buzzword lately, and detox even more so. But what exactly are we detoxing from? After 10 years managing Crohn's disease, which is inflammation in the bowel, Linda Martin of the Kundalini revolution realised that there are no fixed rules when it comes to diet. Yoga helped her to listen to her body so that she can understand what her body needs and what it definitely does not need at any given moment.

Upcoming workshops commence on Saturday February 2 from 2pm to 5pm at An Seomra Yoga, Sea Road, Galway.

To book a space call Linda Martin at 086 3240140, email [email protected], or see for more information.


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