Study shows that having acne or problem skin severely affects the confidence of young people

A recent study by the British Skin Foundation revealed some shocking attitudes to those suffering from acne. Of almost 3,000 people who responded to the study, more than half of those said they experienced verbal abuse from friends or family.

The results show the devastating effects that acne can have on personal life. Twenty per cent said they had a relationship end due to their acne. Ninety five per cent of sufferers said problem skin had an effect on their daily lives, and 63 per cent reported a fall in self confidence due to their acne. A quarter of those surveyed had received unfair treatment at work, while 40 per cent of acne sufferers have been verbally abused by another member of the public.

But it does not have to be this way. The acne programme at Therese Moylan Skincare Centre is based on the teachings and protocols of the world renowned dermatologist Dr Jim Fulton MD. In just three months acne can be completely cleared without any medication or any expensive visits to the dermatologist. This programme is suitable for both men and women and works equally well for teenagers and adults.

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