People of the Tribes: Meet Jackson.

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My Name is Jackson Rockley, 24 and Australian.

I travelled to Ireland on a Working Holiday VISA almost a year ago to experience living abroad and to see Europe.

I was drawn to Ireland as I’ve always appreciated Irish culture and people. I’m good friends with many Irish people back home in Australia and they’re all very down to earth and blunt people which suites me to a tee as I’d like to think of myself as the same. They also appreciate the craic which I’ve come to enjoy particularly in the sense that a good sense of humour is encouraged.

Galway has a big town feel which is the thing I love most about it. I mean that in the sense that it is big enough that there is always something happening, be it festivals or just new faces. Whereas it’s still small enough that you can get to know people around town and feel at home.

Best memory of Galway so far... is probably during the Summer having a great night amongst the excellent and many pubs before travelling to Salthill. There I and a few new friends decided to jump off Black Rock into Galway Bay at 5:00am in the morning, with not another soul around, to refresh ourselves for the day to come. Best end to a session hands down anywhere in the world.

The interesting thing about myself I grew up around a cattle station in Australia of more than 49,000 acres. There I learned to muster cattle on horseback which is one of the most fun experiences of my life.

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