People of the Tribes: Meet Nathan.

In association with McGettigans

Born & Raised in Newcastle Galway, I am a through and through Galwegian. My Dad is originally from Shantalla and my Mum from Mervue.

I'm a passionate amateur photographer and share my work across my various social media platforms under the name of "Galway City Photographs" to an online following of over 16,000 people. The theme of my photographs is in the name!

People ask me quite often as to why most of my photographs are taken at night and the answer is simple. By day I'm a working family man with three young kids all under the age of 9 so I don't have the luxury of strolling around the streets of Galway during daylight hours so when the kids are home from school, fed, showered and put to bed, I pack up my camera and head out. I am often out til the early hours of the morning driving around to different locations so I could end up ANYWHERE and I just love it! I'm very lucky really to have found something I'm so passionate about.

Galway to me is just magic and I can't imagine living anywhere else. I love promoting local Galway businesses and enterprise through my photography as I'm proud of our city which is continually growing but still retains a strong sense of community. It is impossible to walk down Shop Street without engaging with many familiar faces. It's HOME!

If you would like to feature in People of the Tribes please contact us via email at [email protected]



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