Bloating — what causes it and how natural therapies can help

Bloating is when your tummy is puffy, feels stretched and uncomfortable due to temporary abdominal distension. Common causes are overeating, eating too fast, swallowing food too quickly, talking while eating and swallowing air, certain foods which can cause gas such as beans, lentils, cabbage, cauliflower, and drinking too many fizzy drinks.

Certain medical conditions can also give rise to this symptom such as gastritis, food poisoning, candida, celiac, IBS, diverticulitis disease, food intolerance, Crohn’s disease, PMS or menopause, and certain cancers such as ovarian and colon. If you have any chest pain, palpitations, fever, shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, pain in the abdominal area, bloody or dark stools, vomiting blood, eyes and skin becomes yellow, and you have lost a lot of weight then please consult your GP first as he or she might prescribe an appropriate medication, tests, or refer you to a specialist to rule out something sinister.

If a serious illness has been ruled out some complementary therapies can be beneficial. Dr Bhatti finds medical acupuncture very effective, as is natural restoration of gut health, if you are suffering from Candida, leaky gut, or food intolerance such as wheat and lactose which can produce a reaction resulting in gas and trapped wind.

In our clinic we use a multipronged approach in treating this and many other conditions with evidence based therapies such as low dose medicine (LDM ), gut health and microbiome restoration, nutritional and nutraceutical therapies, lifestyle medicine, natural hormonal balancing, glandular support, soft tissue and joint support, complex homeopathy, herbals, needle free mesotherapy, and needle free acupuncture to achieve excellent results.

Always consult your GP for medical advice before starting any new regime or self-treatment. The contents of the article are for informational purposes only and are not intended to prevent, diagnose, or cure any medical conditions.

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