Joshua Harmon's Bad Jews at Town Hall

Award winning comedy to be staged by SamePage Theatre

Playwright Joshua Harmon.

Playwright Joshua Harmon.

WHEN GRANDFATHER dies, he leaves a treasured piece of religious jewellery he hid from the Nazis during the Holocaust. Now a group of cousins fight over, not only this family heirloom, but their "religious faith, cultural assimilation, and even the validity of each other's romances."

This is the award winning comedy Bad Jews, by Joshua Harmon, which will be staged in the Town Hall Theatre studio by young, Galway based company, SamePage Theatre, from Thursday October 11 to Saturday 13 at 8.30pm.

The conflict takes place in New York, when brothers Liam and Jonah, along with Liam’s all-American girlfriend Melody, end up having to share their small apartment with their overbearing cousin Daphna. Harmon said he had the idea for the play "after attending a service in which grandchildren of Holocaust survivors were invited to speak." He described the play as being about, "a private fight within the family, and you're somehow intruding, which is an exciting, dangerous place for an audience to be. You're seeing something that is not meant to be seen."

Tickets are €10/8 from and 091 - 569777.


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