Saturday morning Weight Watchers in the city centre

Six years ago Siobhan Laheen Day decided to open a Weight Watchers class on a Saturday morning in Galway city.

"I thought I would open it for six months and see how it would go," she recalled. "Six years later and I now have four classes on a Saturday morning in Galway city. I opened a 7.30 meeting in January 2018 following the wonderful success of our new Flex Plan.

"The Saturday morning classes are successful for so many reasons. We have a great plan and our members love it. The Flex Plan works around our busy lives and nothing is off limits.

"We are no longer just a weight loss organisation, we offer the whole package which includes healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness and great support. The majority of members who attend Saturday morning classes stay for the meeting which I believe is the key to their successful weight loss.

"The meetings are so supportive and informative," she added. "Members engage in the meetings and offer so many tips and stories that would make you laugh, and even cry at times, but it's all relevant. I became a Weight Watchers coach 12 years ago after losing three and a half stone. Weight Watchers has thought me to change my eating habits and my whole attitude around food. I love good food and I encourage all my members the importance of choosing quality over quantity.

Siobhan Laheen Day runs four classes in in Barton House, St Francis Street, Galway, on Saturdays at 7.30am, 8.30am, 10am and 11.15am.


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