Wellness – looking after you

Believe it or not, it is half way through the year. How has 2018 been going for you in terms of wellness?

A few key aspects to consider when giving yourself a letter grade are the following:

Nutrition: How is your diet? Are you eating a multitude of fresh fruits and vegetables? Are you keeping your intake of processed foods and those high in simple sugars and salt to a minimum? Do you eat at regular intervals throughout the day and enjoy a variety of food? All of these are important aspects to nutrition that you should consider.

Sleep: Are you getting enough sleep every night? The recent research surrounding the importance of seven to nine solid hours of quality sleep is astounding, from preventing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cancer to improving memory, athletic performance and overall intelligence. Sleep is well established as an essential cornerstone to health and longevity that is often disregarded.

Exercise: Do you get the necessary 30 minutes a day? Do you enjoy the exercise that you are achieving? Is there unneccesary pain involved with it in your spine or joints? Exercise has endless benefits, from cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health to disease prevention and mental health benefits.

Mental health: Are you minding your stress levels? Do you have a good outlet when things get rocky? Is your support system set up to achieve success and minimise distress? While tough to quantify, stress is a silent killer.

Musculoskeletal system and movement capacity: Do you find yourself aching after a long day of work? Do you move freely in all directions with every joint of the body? Do you have recurring injuries popping up time and again? As the musculoskeletal system starts to fail and movement is affected, compensation begins and long term health problems may commence.

The team at City Chiropractic can help you optimize your health, ensuring an excellent second half to 2018. Call the clinic on 091 567055 to book a complimentary consultation with one of the qualified and registered chiropractors.



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