Treat yourself to a ritual

The Pentagram of Energy soaps and shampoos, Droserin, Protektin, Artin, Cytovital, and Ruticelit are based on the unique Regeneration in Pentagram method.

Besides bioinformation creams, these products contain herbal extracts, pure natural essential oils, and thermal water from the Podhájska spring. They are beneficial to the skin and hair and, though the energy system of acupuncture points and reflex zones, they also affect our overall condition and the way we process emotions. Their advantage is that they act gently, they are easy to wash away with water, and they do not unnecessarily burden the body with chemicals. Nutritive balsam untangles hair and provides it with nutrition.

We can support and supplement the effects of Pentagram's concentrates and creams in our use of soaps and shampoos. This combination speeds up the recovery of the organism, and the synergy fulfils a traditional principle of Chinese medicine — action from inside and the outside at the same time. We can also draw on them to devise a regular ritual for the cleansing of both the body and soul. In this way, we contribute to the creation and consolidation of harmony and follow a proven recipe for content and meaningful life. Our care for our health and life balance gains a new unexpected dimension.

The individual Pentagram soaps and shampoos support the action of the five elements, so we can follow our path without worrying about straying in various directions. There is only one thing we need for this. To take our pick.

These Pentagram soaps and shampoos are available with more health and beauty products on For more information call 093 27033, or email [email protected].


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