You do not have to suffer from hay fever

Acupuncture is an often-overlooked treatment for hay fever and yet it has proven highly successful as a drug free way to alleviate the symptoms of runny nose, watery eyes, foggy head, sneezing, and blocked sinuses.

In Chinese medicine both hay fever and sinus conditions are caused by an imbalance in the lung and stomach meridians (energy channels ). The function of the lung meridian in the body is to protect the skin. Chi (energy ) runs around the skin, helping our circulation and protecting our body. If our lung energy is blocked or restricted this defensive energy becomes unstable which triggers an immune system response. The body believes it must make more histamine to protect itself better and this leads to the symptoms of hay fever.

A second contributory factor of hay fever is a build-up of toxic heat in the stomach meridian. If the energy in this channel is blocked it can result in too much heat in the body which makes it particularly sensitive to allergies. Acupuncture can release this blocked energy which naturally adjusts any imbalances in the body enabling effective long-term relief.

Care Cure Chinese medicine centre in Galway has successfully treated many people for hay fever. Resident practitioner Dr Zhou has more than 30 years’ experience in all aspects of Chinese medicine.

For more information visit or call 085 865 8818. A free consultation is provided, all major health insurance is accepted, and discounts are available for students and medical card holders.


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