Break the vicious diet cycle with LighterLife Galway

A survey commissioned by LighterLife, reveals that 80 per cent of the nation wants to lose weight, but there is one thing standing in our way... our minds. Our poor relationship with food means that we are likely to put on an average of 5lb a year.

Nearly half (49 per cent ) of those surveryed overeat when they are unhappy in a relationship. One in seven believe they will be able to eat what they want when they reach their ideal weight. Eighty four per cent of people who want to lose weight, would like to lose a stone or more. One in four people do not know how many calories they consume a day, but just 140 calories over your intake means you will put on a stone in a year.

According to the survey, 20 per cent of us consume almost 2,500 calories a day, with 42 per cent of people trying to lose weight by exercising. To lose a stone by exercise alone they would need to walk an extra four miles a day for 100 days.

The main things people identify as causing them to overeat are boredom, stress, loneliness, tiredness, and feeling sad.

Improved health is one of the main benefits to losing weight, with 20 per cent saying that they would enjoy the summer holidays more and 21 per cent would no longer shy away from cameras.

LighterLife founder, Bar Hewlett, explained: “We are bombarded with ‘facts’ about healthy eating and exercise, and yet people still don’t understand how much they have to cut back, or how much exercise they have to do to achieve their ideal weight.

“Thin people eat 'bad' food from time to time, it isn't the food that causes the problem, it is the reason for overeating — good or bad — food that needs addressing.

“Only by changing your mindset can you improve your relationship with food, which can help you sustain realistic weight loss and achieve your long term goals.”

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