Whether it be the picturesque backdrop or the friendly, fun-loving Irish people, there are many reasons why people navigate to the beautiful country of Ireland.

Ireland is known as a place for everyone and attracts even celebrities such as Daniel Day-Lewis and Sarah Jessica Parker who own rural homes here.

But, what is it about Irish homes that make them so special, and where in Ireland do people love the most?

In a survey conducted by Chill Insurance, it was revealed that from the 1,000 Irish respondents asked, 43 per cent chose Dublin as the most desirable place to live, while Galway was second choice, and Cork third. The survey also revealed what their ideal home would look like, with more than half of those asked stating they would prefer to live in a rural setting, choosing a life of rivers and mountains over busy pubs and roads of commuters.

When it comes to structure, the most popular houses revealed in the survey are two or three bed houses, with people preferring detached or townhouses to semi-detached or apartments. New builds and homes that were built less than 10 years ago were also a desired choice over older homes.

To discover interior trends in Ireland, a survey of 600 Irish respondents was conducted. From those results, it was found that 28 per cent marked their style as traditional, while 15 per cent chose contemporary, it was also revealed that the people of Ireland take pride in their home and often like to spend their money on developing and making changes to them, with 33 per cent of respondents stating they would spend between 11 per cent and 20 per cent of their annual salary on their homes.


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