Spruce up your home and garden this summer

The weather so far this summer has been generally glorious. However, the last two weeks has seen the dreaded return of cloud cover and rain.

But in spite of the weather change, there is still plenty of opportunity to spruce up your home and garden. A total overhaul of your garden and home is expensive and time-consuming, but you do not need to go the whole hog to give the place a new look.

Hanging baskets are an ever popular addition to a garden and there is no doubt why. They add a splash of brightness and colour to any home, and are a relatively cheap and low maintenance way of decorating your home. Potted plants, too, whether in the home, or on paved areas of the garden, can add a sense of brightness to any space.

There are many inexpensive and simple ways to renovate interiors. Purchasing additional lighting, or updating soft furnishings such as curtains and throws are just a few quick and simple ways to transform your home.

Wintertime can be hazardous to homes and gardens, with exterior paint becoming damaged from the elements, and interiors suffering from central heating, open fireplaces, and even damp. The summer is the optimum time to plan ahead for the winter. If you want to make sure your house is warm and cosy in the coming winter, now is the time to install insulation. You could even consider installing some solar panels.

While we do not think Ireland receives enough sunshine to make solar power worthwhile, it is surprising how effective solar panels can be in saving energy (and bills ). Grants are available for certain types of insulation and solar panelling.

If your garden is looking a bit dull, why not get down to your local garden centre? It may be slightly too late for some herbs, vegetables, and flowers, but you can see what late-summer and autumn planters are on offer. You could even plant some parsley now and have some for autumn/ winter salads.

The options are endless for your home and garden this summer, so dive in.


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