Regular sports massage keeps injuries at bay

As the evenings get longer and brighter Galwegians are enjoying a range of sports from pounding the Prom in their running shoes, to enjoying a spot of tennis or hitting the road on a bike. Increased activity also coincides with more sports injuries, but thankfully there are steps we can take to prevent them.

The most common causes of injury include overuse of muscles, muscle tightness, and muscle weakness. Muscles are less likely to become injured though when blood flow to the area is improved through massage and the muscles are elongated and stretched.

Today both doctors and physios recognise sports massage not only helps recovery but can help prevent injuries in the first place.

Movement scientist Mark McGroarty explains strenuous exercise can lead to shorter, tighter muscles as they lose the ability to relax. “Regular massage can keep muscles loose, improve their flexibility and range of motion,” he says.

What’s more, regular massage reduces recovery time in between training sessions, helps rehydrate muscles, can improve performance, and notably, can prevent strains and injuries.

We all recognise the importance of exercise for healthy bodies and minds, but taking steps to prevent injury is a key component of taking care of yourself. You can even claim cash back on sports massage through a tailored health insurance plan that fits your lifestyle.

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