Hairstyles for spring/summer 2018

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The short and cropped look is in this season.

The short and cropped look is in this season.

In association with the Galway Advertiser's classified website, we discuss the major hair trends for summer.

We well into May now but unfortunately, it seems that summer may be a long way off. But what better way to cheer up your life than with a new hairstyle. It is very easy to get caught in a style rut with your hair and end up with the same colour and style for a decade but if you are thinking of change, the time to do it is now.

So with that, here are four suggestions for hairstyles this spring/summer.

1 Headbands

Yes, the accessory you used to wear at school is making a comeback. The simple hair accessory is easy to match with your outfit and it will keep your hair pulled away from your face; stylish and practical.

2 Short and cropped

It is the season to go short but not too short. We are not advocating you get out the razor and do a Cara Delevingne job but funky messy chops are in.

3 Long and sleek

The straight from the beach look has always been popular but there is no need to worry if you cannot master the beachy waves as long and sleek is back for spring/summer 2018. Grab that reliable straightener and get to work.

4 Braids

When the hot weather (hopefully ) arrives, battling the temperatures should be easy with the braid trend set to explode. French braids and pigtails are low-maintenance and easy to deal with if you are on the beach.

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