Get ready for summer at Bikram Yoga Athlone

Bikram Yoga Athlone is the place to get yourself ready for summer this year. It doesn’t matter if you just want to get yourself bikini-ready or are looking to improve your fitness or help with an injury, Bikram Yoga can help. As the weather starts to improve we all want to look and, equally important, feel good as we start to take off the layers of clothes we have hidden under for the winter months.

Tricia Fleming, owner of Bikram Yoga Athlone, says that everyone comes to yoga for their own particular reason.

“We have a lot of people coming in with injuries at the moment as people are preparing for marathons, triathlons, and playing lots of different sports which are increasing the chances of injury. In one class there can be a range of different injuries – from damaged knees to sore or injured backs, necks, and shoulders. Disc problems in lower and upper backs seem to be a very common problem.”

Bikram Yoga is a 26-posture and two breathing exercise series which takes place in a room heated to 40 degrees with 40 per cent humidity to make you sweat and stretch safely. It not just a stretching class as some of the postures develop your strength. The heat and humidity means your heart and lungs are worked so it becomes a cardiovascular and aerobic workout. It is suitable for everyone as each person works at their own pace and fitness level.

There are so many benefits to Bikram Yoga, both physical and mental. It can help with back pain, arthritis, blood pressure, respiratory problems, thyroid regulation, depression, stress management, and can help balancing emotions. It is possible to burn up to 950 calories per class if you are working to the best of your ability and so it can be very helpful as a weight loss programme.

For all details log on to or contact Tricia on (086 ) 3763363. You can also like on Facebook at Bikram Yoga Athlone. Check the website and Facebook page for Easter timetable.


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