New year, new you at Bikram Yoga Athlone

It’s that time of year again, when we all decide that this is the year we are going to get fit, healthy, and slim! But have you already fallen off the wagon? Are you bored of your fitness routine? Is it time to introduce something new? Well Bikram Yoga and the Hot60 at Bikram Yoga Athlone may be for you.

Bikram Yoga is a 90-minute class consisting of 26 yoga postures and two breathing exercises which takes place in a room heated to 40 degrees with 40 per cent humidity to make you strengthen and stretch safely. The heat and humidity means your heart and lungs are worked so it becomes a cardiovascular and aerobic workout. It is suitable for everyone, as each person works at their own pace and fitness level.

The Hot60 is a 60-minute hot yoga class with a number of the familiar Bikram postures as well as a few new ones. It is a great complement to the Bikram class as it introduces more hip openers as well as more upper body and arm strengthening. However because the Hot60 is a faster paced class it is not recommended for first timers. People are advised to do at least 5-10 Bikram classes, to get time to learn the finer details of each posture, before coming to the Hot60.

There are three Hot60 classes on the schedule and 10 Bikram classes. All details are on the website, or for more information contact Tricia on (086 ) 3763363 or see Bikram Yoga Athlone on Facebook.


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