Keep healthy no matter what your age with Au Naturel

Au Naturel is a health food shop specialising in top-of-the-range high-potency natural vitamin, Omega oils, and herbal supplements, which are highly absorbable giving users results faster without any nasty side effects.

Au Naturel also stocks natural and organic skin-care products and foods.

Many people are familiar with Nature’s Plus, Source Of Life Gold. The same manufacturer has a unique range of precisely calibrated, tissue-relevant, antioxidant complexes. Each individual product in the Nature’s Plus Ageloss range employs specialised antioxidant blends, each designed to uniquely address the free radicals of specific tissues or systems. For more complete nutritional coverage, Ageloss women’s multi or men’s multi can help form an ideal foundation upon which to build a healthy lifestyle.

Nature’s Plus Ageloss range also includes: first day inflammation response, bone support, heart support, kidney support, eye support, brain support, joint support, hearing support, blood support, skin support, digestion support, muscle support, immune support, energy support, thyroid support, and a rejuvenating antioxidant. Each of the above Ageloss products is individually customised with the powerful antioxidant blend appropriate for the particular body system addressed.

Call in-store and ask for Susan for more information on this fantastic range.

Au Naturel, Paynes Lane, Irishtown has just celebrated its 10-year anniversary, giving out approximately €1,000 worth of prizes to customers.

For more information call (090 ) 6487993.


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