New de-stressing treatment at Mingala

It is important to take time out and relax in order to combat stress. A holistic approach to treating stress is always recommended, treating the body and the mind simultaneously. A Full Body Hot Lava Shell Massage at Mingala not only relaxes the body by stimulating your muscles and easing tensions, but it also relaxes the mind with warm sensations and tropical aromas.

Mingala provide flexible treatments that are adapted to suit your needs. They create a tranquil space for men and women to escape from the pressures of everyday life.

This self-heating massage tool offers all the benefits of hot stones but instead uses heated tiger clam shells that provide constant and consistent heat throughout the treatment. As the therapist glides the hot shells over your body, the pressure and the heat will ease away any stress or tension you may be feeling, leaving you floating and totally relaxed. The special tropical oils used helps to relax the mind and carry you away to a tranquil space.

Lava Shells also provide relief to painful arthritic joints, and help to remove toxins and to restore a sense of balance to the entire body and mind.

Mingala is located at the Shamrock Lodge Hotel, Clonown Road, Athlone. To find out more about Lava Shells Massage see Even better, why not book an appointment today on (090 ) 6477770 or email [email protected].


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