Ireland wilt under Brave Blossoms pressure as local students await Junior Cert results

Thu, Oct 03, 2019

We will begin this column with our take on the rugby match last Saturday between Ireland and Japan. Firstly, in my opinion, Ireland did not play badly, but yet Japan played a terrific game.

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National Ploughing Championships a triumph as Ireland start World Cup in comprehensive style

Thu, Sep 26, 2019

I wonder who were the more satisfied people last weekend: was it the Irish rugby team after their win in Japan, or Anna May McHugh and the organisers of the National Ploughing Championships?

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Reflecting and looking forward

Thu, Aug 15, 2019

Well, what a packed week we have had, and more to come.

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Summer sunshine finally arrives as the quest for Tory Party leadership continues

Thu, Jun 27, 2019

Well, for once the weather in Ireland performed exactly as required.

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Resilience in the face of adversity seminar apt in light of Ireland’s rugby defeat

Thu, Feb 07, 2019

Well I have to start with rugby. I think Joe Schmidt when he was interviewed after the match was fully correct when he said, “it’s a reality check for all of us,” and by that he meant the team and himself as head coach. How true that was. Somehow we, the public, and I expect the team also, felt that we were poised to defeat England. We didn’t at all take into account that England under Jones were bound for revenge, and they got it.

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Matters Longford to the fore as centenary celebrations acknowledge the right of women to vote

Thu, Dec 13, 2018

Well, Longford has really emerged with a bang in this pre-Christmas season. We had two notable events in Longford over last weekend.

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Testing times for US and Brexit, but we have some excellent rugby to enjoy

Thu, Nov 08, 2018

As I am compiling this weekly column for the Advertiser, people in the US are voting in the mid-term elections for both the House of Representatives and the Senate. So by the time my column appears the results will be fully out. I hope that the polls which are forecasting Democratic wins in the House of Representatives are correct, but of course our belief in polls has run low. President Trump has put a huge effort into shoring up the Republican seats in both the Congress and the Senate, and he has campaigned tirelessly for the last 10 days hoping to consolidate the Republican vote. It seems that the US is viewing these mid-term elections as a referendum on President Trump and his handling of the US. So it will be very intriguing to see the results and to see whether the Democrats will come back in charge of the House of Representatives.

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Presidential polling day imminent as prolific Katie triumphs again

Thu, Oct 25, 2018

Well, we will all be voting for the presidency this coming Friday. It seems to me that none of the candidates apart from the incumbent have really caught hold of the imagination of the people. Yes they have worked very hard, and yes they have performed on TV and on radio, and they have really done their very best to appeal to us, the voters. But somehow it has not come off, and it seems, if opinion polls are to be believed, that the incumbent Michael D. Higgins is the person to whom the majority of voters will give their allegiance on voting day.

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Education justice is duly served as Connacht fail the Leinster test

Thu, Oct 04, 2018

From time to time in public life, various matters happen which really hit the button in interest and which excite much commentary, both on radio, TV and in print media.

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From Vatican visitors to CAO courses, Ireland has experienced an interesting week

Thu, Aug 30, 2018

The only topic to begin this week is the Pope. There are so many emotions swirling around that it is difficult to focus exactly on what happened and how it will affect Ireland.

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Hurling the game of the summer as Pope set for Croke Park visit

Thu, Aug 23, 2018

Hello to all the Advertiser readers.

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