Adolescent acne

Acne is a disorder of skin glands that produce a natural oil (sebum ).The face, neck, shoulders, upper chest, and back are most frequently affected. The characteristic whiteheads and

blackheads are caused by over-production of sebum, leading to a blockage of skin pores with a mixture of dead skin cells and oil. Bacteria on the skin surface intensify the problem by producing chemicals that inflame and irritate the skin.

Products and benefits

Most cases of mild acne will be helped simply by observing good skin cleansing. Sufferers should wash the affected areas twice daily, to avoid foodstuffs that they feel worsen the problem, and spend more time in the sun during summer. Girls should be careful to avoid greasy cosmetic products.

Numerous products are available for the treatment of acne over the counter at the pharmacy.

The pharmacist in Whelehans Pharmacy recommends ROC Purif-AC, a skin cleanser in acne which has excellent results. It works in two ways - it reduces the sebaceous secretions to limit bacterial proliferation and normalizes your skin gradually; and it removes delicately the dead cells and impurities and unclogs the pores.

It is an excellent product for reducing redness and blemishes, which is often a source of embarrassment for teenagers. Whelehans have seen great results after recommending this product for a number of years.

Consider going to a GP if:

The acne is severe, angry-looking, inflamed, or widespread. Medical treatment may be necessary.

The condition shows no improvement despite the (correct ) use of one or more treatment products.

Any suspect case of medication-induced acne.

Practical points

You cannot expect instant results with whatever products you try. Acne is very slow to respond to treatment.

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